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When you smile, I smile too

A Secretive Smile

My name is Farhana and you can call me Shiho cause I use that nick for most of account.
I'm from Malaysia and an average fangirl who is in love with J-pop, J-drama, Anime and Manga
My hobbies are drawing, stalking cats and bishie XD
I also read BL fanfic especially Hey! Say! JUMP and my OTP is YamaJima


As you all can see, I'm a big fan of Hey! Say! JUMP
I started following their activities since the former Hey! Say! 7 was formed.
My ichiban is Yamada Ryosuke ain't it obvious?! and I also likes Nakajima Yuto and other members cause all of them is ♥♥♥

Other Johnny's that I like are Arashi and Kanjani8


Also an anime lover since I was 10! I have watched lots of anime in my life but I forget almost all of the story since I mostly just remembered the character names XD
I learned most of Japanese words from watching anime and it also helps me in reading hiragana and katakana though I'm still far far away in understanding a raw video.
Starting to like BL when I watched Gravitation and now I'm a big fan of BL anime such as Junjou Romantica and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi *lol~ same author*


If you wanna be friends with me, go ahead and add me ^__^
but please kindly introduce yourself to this post

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