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7th-Jan-2012 06:29 pm - ASIA TOUR
Yamada hairclip

Hey! Say! JUMP


March-June 2012

(Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand and South Korea)

1st-Jan-2012 11:40 pm - H A P P Y - N E W - Y E A R

Aww~~ 2012 already? That's fast! Lots of thing happens to me last year.
Too bad I can't watch Johnny's Countdown on KeyHole TV since it said the number of users has exceeded
Tomorrow will be my last day of mid semester break and it will a pain for me to sit on the bus for 3 hours to reach my *new* campus. *I'm missing Shah Alam* Lucky that my friends will accompany me on that long hour trip.

It's time for da review~~~


First sem as a commander, meet new friends and family
Having a left eye operation due to cataract
My pointer for semester 2 goes downhill
JUMP release new single OVER and MORIMOTO RYUTARO left JUMP
Yamapi and Ryo left NEWS
Have improvement in my pointer for semester 3
My classmates and I have to change campus for next semester
MAJOR CULTURE SHOCK due to the new campus environment
I quit being a commander at the new campus and my time table is pack -___-
Watching lots of anime

Hope that I can graduate at the same time with my classmates
Taking MUET exam
Have a driving license
More activity on JUMP and NEWS
Yamada's new jdrama
Be more matured

As usual, wishing DOMOTO KOICHI a wonderful birthday this year.

11th-Nov-2011 12:01 am - 11/11/11
Yamada hairclip
11/11/11 is such a beautiful date isn't it? That day also happen to be a birthday date for a beautiful boy

Otanjoubi omedetou Tegonyan~ Good luck in your career!!

Sorry for the lack of wishes.I'm not in a good mood this week since my friend just passed away last week and I'm still thinking about her. Rest in peace my dear

I just changed my layout since I got bored with my last one since it's been the same for 1 year and ++ months. Still can't find a banner though or I just make one myself
28th-Oct-2011 12:21 am - Paradise Kiss
Hi~ Wazzzzuupppp...!!!! Just notice that it's already a month since my last post. Time flies like a lightning!
Since it's semester break, I have watched tons of anime (Ao no Exorcist and Soul Eater) and j-movie (GANTZ : Perfect Answer and Paradise Kiss). Haha~ took me awhile to download them but it was worth all the way.

Actually, I just finished watching ParaKiss a few hours ago and I felt like writing about it.

-I've only watched the anime version-
SHORT.. might contain spoiler!!Collapse )

Also, I put Yokai Ningen Bem in my watchlist

Can't resist Kame in grey-ish hair colour
27th-Sep-2011 01:34 am - Fanart bebehhh !!!!
Yamada hairclip
Well hello there minna~ how's it going with your life? Mine was blehhhh... currently I'm in examination weeks. 4 more papers till my semester break start
Got new profile layout with Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji as header. Now I need to find new lj layout since I have used the same one for more than one year. Haha~
Since I have been absent for couple of month, I would like to share my fanart that I had made earlier this month


So, in this art I just use a black drawing pen and a cheap colour pencils.
Do leave comments <33333

Oh yeah, I just watched Kuroshitsuji Musical 2 few days ago and it was AWESOME

3rd-Jul-2011 02:11 pm - Morimoto Ryutaro :(
Hey! Say! JUMP

Like everyone else, I'm also shocked by the news.
Although I said to myself that it is just a rumour, but when JE has come out with an official statement, I can do anything else.
History repeat itself just like what the other former JE members have done. (you know which one right?)
I wonder if the other members gave Ryutaro support just like in the beginning of OVER PV..
HSJ will not be the same like before with 9 members.

It would be a miracle if Ryu comes back to HSJ and I hope that miracle will happens in the future!

29th-May-2011 11:09 pm - Third semester
Yamada hairclip
Hey hey hey hey.. Guess what? My holidays was over and now I'm back to uni. Time flies really reallllyyyyyy fast. Gosh. It's not fair that degree students holidays still continues until September  Anyway.. I feel really sleepy right now~ and class starts at 4.10pm tomorrow! See ya~~
9th-May-2011 12:03 am - 18 :)
Yamada hairclip
Yuhuuuu~~~~~ I'm still alive~~~~ did anyone missed me? Oh wait.. Did anyone REMEMBER me?!!
I just checked that my last post was in FEBRUARY. And it's already MAY. Phew~ time flies very fast. Wait.. MAY?!!! Oh my~ it's HIS birthday!!

Wow. You're 18 my dear. I can't believe that I've been a loyal fans to you since you were 14.
You were small and cute back then and still maintain your cuteness + sexyness till today.
I will always support you and JUMP
Have a blast birthday party

Currently I'm on my semester break and that's why I'm able to update my journal. My second sem is one of the most HORRIBLE things that happened in my life. I don't feel like writing today. Will post later~
2nd-Feb-2011 12:29 am - Quick post!
Yamada hairclip
I will just leave it here..

Kawaii Tegomass ♥

Watch it here
31st-Jan-2011 07:16 pm - Last day of January!
Hey! It's 31st January!! You know what day is today? I bet you do~~

YABU KOTA birthday~~

Awww~ you're 21~ Time flies very fast, ne?
I first know you when you're 17 in a show called Music Station.
You debut with other 9 members of Hey! Say! JUMP and singing Ultra Music Power.
At first, I didn't recognized you since I had my attention all over Yama-chan since the former HS7 make appearance there's too many members in one group that I need to differentiate and it took some time for me to know all of the members.
However, you managed to caught my attention with your singing and smexy performance during HSJump-ing Tour 08-09 which is the first HSJ concert I ever watched.
I hope that you will do well in your career and have a blast b-day party

Phew~ I guess this is the first time I wrote so many words for birthday wishes
Sorry Yama-chan, I will write more for your birthday in May
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