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29th-Nov-2020 11:39 pm - Introduction post
Yamada hairclip


Hello and welcome to my journal

You can call me Shiho
I'm from Malaysia and proud to be one!
My current fandom are JE : Hey! Say! JUMP & NEWS
My ichiban is definitely Yamada Ryosuke. Also a fan of Tegoshi Yuya

My ultimate OTP without a doubt is Yamajima~!!
Why? Cause they're in LOVE Because both of them are LOVE ♥

If you wanna be friend with me, go ahead and add me ^^
I'll do the same for you
And plese leave a comment in this post so that I can know more about you

Sorry for the crappy banner. With my little skill in Photoshop and editing it in Photoscape, this is all I can make.
18th-Nov-2016 12:57 am - Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action
Yamada hairclip
Hi guys! It's been a few years since I last posted something here. Lots of things happened to me during this long hiatus and *sigh* I'm already 24 this year. I feel old already.. Well, I guess nothing change much to me since the last post. I'm still addicted to anime, manga and j-pop stuffs and of course my love, YAMADA RYOSUKE.

The main reason why I decided to post an entry is because of the Fullmetal Alchemist Live Action movie which will start next year with Edward Elric played by Yamada Ryosuke. Being a fan of the anime and manga, I'm totally excited to see this movie since it is one of the anime that gives impact to me. I still remember the first time I read the manga which is around 2004 and I was 12 at that time. How time flies!

Judging from the trailer, the movie looks promising. Hope to hear more news about the movie.

Till next time! Jya ne~

p/s: I need to change to a newer LJ theme.. I've been using the current one for years..
13th-Apr-2014 08:24 pm - What should I put here?
Yamada hairclip
Hello !!

Weheee~~ It's been over a year since my last post. Guess that I've been neglecting my "online" life. Lol~

Honestly, I rarely open up my LJ acc except for reading the latest news on Arama and HSJ community.
Even on the communities I just scroll down to see entry that only caught my attention and I'm really reaaaalllyyyy lazy to post something on LJ. It's not that I'm extremely busy with real life, I'm always online on other social networks acc, it's just that I don't have any feeling or intention on keeping active here.
Somehow, today I feel like want to post a new entry after a long time.

Here's some of the stuffs that I had done or happened during last year

Living with housemates; cooking, talking, studying, outing together.
2D1N at Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh with my friends. Got a chance to stay at an Executive Suite room for FREE!!!
Attending my bf convocation day with his parents.
First time attending a Bon Odori festival.
Finish my industrial training hence, completed my diploma programme.
Take the MUET exam (finally... T___T)
Work as a part-time web designer and this is my first time earning salary with my own hard work.
Go to Comic Fiesta (Day 1 only) with my friend.

Resign as web designer because I got a chance to further my studies (Degree in Multimedia Computing)

So yeah, that's kinda sum up what my life for last year. Another thing is that I've kinda obsessed with online shopping for a period of time that a parcel will arrive at my house every week. Luckily I've managed to controlled myself with this shopping habit ^___^;;
1st-Jan-2013 04:23 pm - 2013 is finally here

2012 just left us a few hours ago and let's give 2013 a big welcome hug
and also, Happy Birthday to Domoto Koichi

Again, this year I didn't get a chance to watch Johnny's Countdown live on any streaming site since I'm not celebrating new year in front of my laptop like the years before (yeah.. I have a boring life and I did not care to watch fireworks like I used to be when I was a kid). This year a little bit special because I was at my bf house with his family and relatives

Enough with the chit chat. So, let's go with the review for 201

Watch Yamada's new drama Risou no Musuko
Outing with my friends from UiTM Shah Alam
Managed to go to Anime Festival Asia and Comic Fiesta
Visit orphanage home with my fellow Computer Science club
Joined Multimedia competition and my group won the 2nd place
My pointer for semester 4 and 5 goes down and up
JUMP 2nd album
Someone who I know when I was in commander (and I used to hate) said something beautiful to me
End my 2012 watching Rurouni Kenshin live action movie and go to my bf house to watch fireworks together with his families


Get my diploma certificate
Become healthier
My relationship between our family will be tightened
More JUMP activities
Take MUET exam. (lol.. this is the same as last year)

Now, I'm going to hunt link for Johnny's Countdown video
30th-Nov-2012 12:00 am - 30th November

May you have a blast birthday and stay cute as always.
10th-Aug-2012 05:36 am - Yuto 19th Birthday
Yamada hairclip
9th-Jun-2012 11:46 pm - AFA MY 2012

NaNa & DanDan & SyaSya
(Me, Rasydan , Syazwan)

Hello~ yeah, so I made it to AFA today. Glad that they held it in Malaysia this year and the place it at PWTC which I can get on LRT straight from my house to the station. Yippeee~~~~ 

Actually, I've been trying to ask some of my friends to go there with me but all of them are busy and luckily two of
my friends are free on that and we decided to go to AFA at 2AM  (the hall opens at 9AM) after so many obstacles that prevent us from coming to the event.
Pheww~ I was *this* close of not attending AFA.
There are lots of people in waiting line to buy the tickets and I don't remember how long we wait since we're busying ourself talking and amazed by the cosplayers around us.

It was even crowded inside the hall and there's a little space to walk between each booth. One thing that I find very interesting is the Animax booth. They give the visitors a chance to do dubbing on selected anime and they can experience being a seiyu for a character in the anime. The main attraction would probably the Maid and Butler cafe  There's lots of people waiting outside the cafe booth. I wanna go inside but there's too many people and we decided to eat at a food court outside PWTC.

awesome cosplayers~~Collapse )

Next stop : Comic Fiesta 2012 
21st-May-2012 04:34 pm - Risou no Musuko
Yamada hairclip
Yuhuuuuuuuu~~~~~~~~ I just started my *real* semester break last Wednesday . Why did I say real? Because my break started a month ago yet I'm still studying at my university since I'm taking short sem courses. Okay.. Ignore this. 

Today I wanna talk about Yamada's newest drama : Risou no Musuko.
Yes, I know that it ended a long time ago but I just *had* to talk about it since I've been following this drama every week and enjoyed it.
The story is about a single mom who raised her son to be the perfect son and buy her a house in the future.
Yamada play the perfect son, named Suzuki Daichi, who loves her mom more than nothing else in this world. 
Alongside Yamada, Yuto also act in this drama. YAMAJIMA 
Each episode is filled with love, laughter and how Yamada met new friends at his new school which is full of delinquents. 

This is a MUST SEE drama for Yamada fans because he will cosplaying different *female* outfit every week

Click to see Yamada cosplaying in Risou no MusukoCollapse )
If you haven't watched this drama, I demand that you watch it! Totally recommend to all j-drama lovers out there 
9th-May-2012 12:54 am - 18 going 19
Yamada hairclip
Quick entry 
♥ ♥ お誕生日おめでとう 山田 涼介 ♥ ♥

I'll always support you, Yamada Ryosuke
I've finished watching Risou no Musuko few weeks ago I'll talk about it in my next entry.
25th-Mar-2012 06:15 pm - Guilty Crown
Hello~~ this is me, Shiho and I'm still alive.

Lately I have been watching anime such as Fate/Zero,Hunter x Hunter (2011), Guilty Crown and others. Since Guilty Crown just finished a few days ago, here's my overall opinion towards the anime.

ReviewCollapse )

BWAHAHAHA~ what did I just wrote ~~~~

Btw, I'm still waiting for Risou no Musuko episode 8 sub to come out. I'll write about it when I finished watching the drama.
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